Association of Orphans and Disabled

Cry Of An Ngie Epileptic Orphan

If knowledge could be free, l would have picked some.

If illness could be wiped, l would have done so.

If illness could be without disturbance, l would embrace.


Epilepsy, Orphanhood, two into one.

Fire, streams, roads lying in gutters all partners.

Dejection, stinking clothes abandonment accomplices.


Oh, Ngie, Ngie should this be cursed?

Oh no, no my land of birth.

Mother, father brought forth me.

Jellylike puffy l was.

My twelfth, a dilemma, dilemma oh God come to thee.


Mother, father perished,

Sister, brother, friend neighbor, none.

Mornings/days times wandering food shelter none.

Nights, thoughts, thoughts not met.


Thy day started thee epilepsy,

Thou hits pains turnest Oblongata

Reasoning, wiseness lost.

Calamity thy full life.

Oh God, father where are thee?

Thy son withering, perishing.

Doctors, researchers thou help, help thee Ngie.

Politicians, Pastors, Fathers, help thy destitutes,

Churches, humanitarians come to thee.

Nations thou God needed, help finance get up thou help maketh thee well.

Oh Ngie momo Nw Cameroon World complications around me.

Sun, dust, forest my shelter.

Rain, mud, grasses beloved.

Oh, all, all come to thee.

Turnest stumbling in to stepping

Help, help God praises.


Ambanibe Jerome.