Association of Orphans and Disabled

· Funds to help us meet the needs of orphans and disabled in Education, housing, feeding, medication and clothing.

· Training for Asodi staff in Nursing, Social Welfare and teaching.

· Funds to continue our medical trial in the use of Phenobarbital to treat epileptics.  Although 70% of trial participants showed improvement, we did not have funds to continue beyond the initial 3-month period.

· The provision of stipends/transport to our hardworking volunteers. Asodi staff currently trek 2-3 hours to remote villages.

· An orphanage to house neglected orphans and some who live with foster parents who are not even able to provide for their own children.

· A generator and laptop to enable documentation and filing of statistics in the field. 

· Vocational training in tailoring, computer software· etc, for orphans who have completed basic schooling.

· Funds to re-start a pilot program of goat rearing amongst Orphans in upper Ngie.

· Volunteers (experts) in the medical field to assist us.

Cry Of An Ngie Epileptic Orphan

If knowledge could be free, l would have picked some.

If illness could be wiped, l would have done so.

If illness could be without disturbance would embrace.

Epilepsy, Orphanhood, two into one.

Fire, streams, roads lying in gutters all partners.

Dejection, stinking clothes abandonment accomplices.


The Association of Orphans and the Disabled (ASODI) was founded in July 1999. It started its activities on very few orphans silently until March 111h 2003 when it was legalized by the Government of Cameroon through the Divisional Officer Momo. This Organization was founded by 25 members though its membership has grown up to 45 now. Asodi has grown both in number and activities thanks to her members, friends, volunteers and benefactors. The Organization has one permanent Nursery nurse, two volunteer nurses, one medical doctor, 17 field coordinators, the administration of Ngie, traditional rulers, religious authorities, school authorities and the entire close to 60,000 inhabitants of Ngie as its strength.

In addition to its work in Ngie sub Division, Asodi has worked to identify orphans and epileptic patients and  disabled in Widikum, Njikwa and Mbengwi Central Sub Divisions. The results show that as of 2003 - 2004 these four sub Divisions harboured about 1500 orphans, 500 epileptic orphans/patients and 300 disabled persons/children. Some of these orphans wander in streets as vagabonds, no shelter, no clothes, no food, no school materials and no school fees. Sometimes as a result of their neglect/abandonment, they involved themselves in stealing, prostitution and most of them grow as delinquents. Some even develop a complication as a result of epilepsy like madness etc. In one of our trips to distribute books to orphans in one of the schools here in Ngie, one of the headmasters testified to us that in most of the schools, an orphan is unable to have just a pencil to write with and because of this, he/she is sent out of class. As the school year approaches, we ponder how these orphans will go back to school especially when we are unable to meet up with the needs of the many orphans we have.



Scope of the problem

Our Needs

· Asodi has identified close to 500 orphans in Ngie Sub Division.

· Asodi has assisted with books, pens and uniforms just to name a few.

· Identified and took medical histories of over 300 epileptic orphans and non-orphans.

· Provided training to over 165 guardians on basic first aid treatment for epileptics to be taken before, during and after a seizure.

· Carried out a 3 months medical trial on 214 epileptic orphans with Phenobarbital 100mg to see how it could be controlled. The trial revealed that 70% of the patients responded positively and 30% proved some resistance.

· Assessed AIDS awareness among secondary students in Momo Division in an effort to provide better AIDS education to this sensitive group.



· Rehabilitate disabled and orphaned persons,

· Educate the population on health related issues,

· Provide basic and specific needs to orphans and the Disabled person,

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