Association of Orphans and Disabled

About the founder of ASODI

Ambanibe Jerome Akeneck was born on the 20th of August 1976 at  Akungom Quarter,Teze Ngie. He started primary school in 1983 at government Primary School Teze where he did seven years and completed in 1990 passing the Government Common Entrance in list A and also the first School Leaving Certificate.

After the passing of these two state exams, before the release of the first School Leaving Certificate, in August 1990,he lost his father, Mr.Ambanibe Joseph Aghenebei. This was the beginning of slow down of activities in his life. He was ripe for secondary school. He trekked to Acha and from there he took a car to G.H.S. Mbengwi for interviews into form one, a distance of 52km. He succeeded in the interviews but had no sponsor.

He stayed back for two years trying to do odd jobs like digging of pit latrines, clearing of farms for the local women and turning of small drums of palm oil from small containers into 200 liters containers on Widikum market days at the cost of 100frs per 200litres. All these he did to earn a living and to support his poor mother and his lone brother in one way or the other.

In 1993 his uncle asked him to come and live with him. He went and on everyday during holidays he carried his uncle’s chainsaw and accompanied him to the farm to saw sticks/timber. During this time too, he was enrolled at a village college, African Pioneer College Teze. By November this 1993, he finally lost his mother Ambanibe Cristina.

From this year, he became a complete orphan. One  renounced Elites in the village who lives abroad came and offered him scholarship to study free in this village college for all his secondary Education. This was the good work of Dr. Abiedu Julius peka. While in this school, Ambanibe Jerome still continued with his odd jobs of clearing, digging of pit latrines and leveling yards for people all to better his stay and take care of his needs in school, while benefiting from feeding, sheltering and clothing from his uncle Mr. Abaaba Mathias.

All these he did for five years and after having his ordinary levels, he was now moved to study is Bamenda. It is worth mentioning that during his stay at home, he played many important roles in church, he held the post of the Cadet’s of Mary’s President for several years, moved on and joined the Christian Youths Movement, Teze and founded the Readers Club with the reign of Rev. Father Fred Tenhorn who was the Pioneer Priest for this area. He lived a more religious life until 1998 when he moved to Bamenda.

In Bamenda, he used to worship at the catholic church Bayelle until when St. John’s Catholic Church  foncha srteet was constructed where he worships till today and is the vice secretary general of unit seven. Life in town was hard for him but God kept leading him. He kept helping people and depending on friends for survival. Dr Abiedu who had started sponsoring him from secondary school continu ed and sent him to Progressive Comprehensive High school Bamenda where he did Biology, chemistry and Geology. Along his course, he was asked by the same sponsor to do  nursery nursing, a course he much cherished.

Ambanibe enrolled into nursery nursing from November 2000 – July 2001 a course he graduated with a diploma in nursing having studied nursing, social welfare and teaching.

Within the month of August 1998 he fell in love with Ms. Atiabet Constance one who has been so supportive, helpful and inspiring to him in everything till date and is the one who brings sunshine and happy moments to him in all his days.

Meanwhile, in the late 1999’s Ambanibe has founded Asodi. This time he identified other orphans and when he looked at the way he had suffered in life, he thought and always thinks of looking for a way to enhance their lives. He had been giving soap, little cloths to the needy.This is how ASODI WAS FOUNDED AND WHY

In March 2003, he proposed the idea of legalizing Asodi to his sweet heart Constance an idea, which she readily accepted and gave him the financial, moral, spiritual and psychological support. Each time she is speaking with him on the phone from that day till today, she asks how the orphans are doing. This idea went as many other members joined to make 25 founding members. Pa Ajeakwa being its patron,and ma Francisac the matron.

St. Johns L.A Ca being the first to visit Asodi from a far contributing to its success after the Prvincial Technical Group for the Fight Aaginst HIV/AIDS, Bamenda gives a booster to the success of this organization. May God’s name be glorified as many as 500 orphans are already benefiting in Ngie

Oh God, send me I will go!!


Ambanibe Jerome Akeneck