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The Association of Orphans and the Disabled (ASODI) was founded in July 1999. It started its activities on very few orphans silently until March 11th 2003 when it was legalized by the Government of Cameroon through the Divisional Officer Momo. This Organization was founded by 25 members though its membership has grown up to 45 now. Asodi has grown both in number and activities thanks to her members, friends, volunteers and benefactors. The Organization has one permanent Nursery nurse, two volunteer nurses, one medical doctor, 17 field coordinators, the administration of Ngie, traditional rulers, religious authorities, school authorities and the entire close to 60,000 inhabitants of Ngie as its strength.


· Rehabilitate disabled and orphaned persons,

· Educate the population on health related issues,

· Provide basic and specific needs to orphans and the Disabled person

Our needs

· Funds to help us meet the needs of orphans and disabled in Education, housing, feeding, medication and clothing.

· Training for Asodi staff in Nursing, Social Welfare and teaching.

· Funds to continue our medical trial in the use of Phenobarbital to treat epileptics.  Although 70% of trial participants showed improvement, we did not have funds to continue beyond the initial 3-month period.

· The provision of stipends/transport to our hardworking volunteers. Asodi staff currently trek 2-3 hours to remote villages.

· An orphanage to house neglected orphans and some who live with foster parents who are not even able to provide for their own children.

· A generator and laptop to enable documentation and filing of statistics in the field. 

· Vocational training in tailoring, computer software· etc, for orphans who have completed basic schooling.

· Funds to re-start a pilot program of goat rearing amongst Orphans in upper Ngie.

· Volunteers (experts) in the medical field to assist us.

Cameroon Epilepsy Federation - August 2009

ASODI’s president and founder, Jerome Akeneck was elected as the pioneer president for the newly created Cameroon Epilepsy Federation .

Read about this and more at our News Page.

Mid-Year Update -  June 2009

As we reach the midway point of 2009, here is an update on ASODI’s expanding support for the orphaned and disabled population in the Ngie region.

Read the update on our News Page.

Day of the African Child - June 2009

Minister Catherine Mbakam Mbock came to the North West to launch the national events that mark the day of the African Child.

She granted audiences to leaders of Organisations operating in the Region, including ASODI.

Research Results - May, 2009

Results of tests by the Centers for Disease Control on 494 blood samples taken for our Epilepsy Research project disproved the theory that the epilepsy is the result of neurocysticercosis. 

Coordinators Meeting - March  2009

The ASODI Coordinators from all of the villages served by ASODI came together on March 21st.  Click on the link below to read the meeting report. 

March 2009 Coordinator’s Meeting (PDF)

Annual Report for 2008 - December  2008

2008 marked 9 years of ASODI’s activities.  ASODI’s services now extend to 2,500 orphans, and 1,500 epilepsy sufferers.  2008 saw the start of the implementation phase of the Epilepsy research program.  Read about this and all the 2008 activities in the Annual Report.

2008 Annual Report (pdf)

December Update - December  2008

ASODI distributed materials to 250 orphans, and participated in a seminar on the UN Convention on the rights of the disabled. 

October Update - October  2008

Read Jerome’s latest update, covering educational/vocational support for orphans, progress in fighting epilepsy, and more.

July Update - July 2008

Abaajeh Regla   June 2008

We are proud to report that disabled 17-year-old Abaajeh Regla was selected to attend the Junior Parliament.

Field Work Begins - May 2008

Field work for the Epilepsy Research Project has begun! 

Read about Epilepsy Research in Ngie - March 2008

Epilepsy is a serious epidemic among the Ngie people in Northwest Cameroon.  Solving this crisis is a high priority for Asodi.  With help from the University of Toronto and other sources, we are starting to make progress in treating and ultimately preventing this disease.  You can read more about our progress in the following reports:

Planning Seminar - February 2008

In February ASODI hosted a planning session for the research project, and hosted a seminar on Epilepsy along with Spire International.  More.

Annual Report and 2008 Plan of Action - January 2008

It was a very remarkable year in the life of ASODI -- most of all what had been earmarked in the 2007 Plan of Action were implemented this year.

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